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Using Kami

I would Like to use Kami for PDF assignments so that my students can edit and submit assignments easily, but I have been unable to download the Kami app to my courses. From my courses I go to "Settings," then I go to "Apps." When I search "Kami," in the search bar nothing appears. What am I doing wrong?

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Community Coach

Hello @Joe19 ...

It looks like there is a Kami LTI app (external tool) available on the EduAppCenter.  (This site lists all possible third-party integrations with Canvas.)  Many of these LTIs are installed at the Canvas account level rather than at the course level ... so that all courses within the account have access to the LTI app in Canvas.  They are not apps that you download to your computer or a device.  (Although the makers of these LTI apps may have a mobile app of some kind that differs from these LTI apps.)  I've never used Kami myself, but it looks like there is a free and a paid version.  Based on the information in this link, it looks like the paid version is the only version that has an integration with Canvas.  If you are not sure if your school has paid for Kami, you might want to have a conversation with your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department to see if purchasing would be an option.

I hope this helps a bit.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.