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Using Question Banks

When using a Question Bank for making a Quiz, I have to a couple questions.

1. If I have 50 questions in a bank, can I set it for the kids to each get 40, etc?

2a. If (as in #1) each kid answers 40 out of the 50 questions in the bank, are the questions randomized for each quiz?

2b. Is there a way to make certain questions required (such as a matching question) so that everyone gets that one?

2c. Or a way to set up "sections" so kids would get so many of the multiple choice in the bank, a selection of matching, and a selection of short answers from a Question Bank? (sort of like how google forms has separate sections, but using a question bank in Canvas)?

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Hello  @ksutter  !  Your quizzes question truly depend upon if you are using the Classic Quizzes or the New Quizzes.  If you are using Classic Quizzes, this link should help. 

If you are using New Quizzes, then this link should help. 

Best of luck!

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