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Using Quizzes

Hi, I have four questions about Quizzes.

1) Is it possible to divide quizzes into groups e.g. Quizzes for Lessons in Semester 1/ Summative Quizzes etc.? If so, how?  

2) When designing a quiz and filling in the parts of a multiple matching (for example) is it possible to bold certain words- there doesn't seem to be that function available?

3) If I want to divide a quiz into sections/ parts, how can I make it clear to students that it is section/ part 1 etc.?

4) Are different question types going to be added or can we design them ourselves?  I teach English language and quite often use IELTS- style question types, for example: completing a table with information- is it possible to do this on Quizzes?

Many thanks!

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