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Using pages as collaboration tool ?

Hello people,

I'm trying to find out a way to use collaboration for my students without a google account (and have a teacher access to it within canvas). I still hope word is on its way...for one day...

2 questions :

*Do you know an LTI tool that could help ?

*if 2 students from the same group are working on a Page at the same time, is that possible ? does it work as collaboration or it has to be one at the time ?

Thank you (again Smiley Wink for your help !


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Hi  @dufay_k ​ I have to admit I'm a Google lover : ) We use Google Apps For Education so much it's hard for me to come up with other recommendations.​ However, I do realize not everyone is on GAFE or wants to use Google and I want to stay up to date with other solutions as well so I have been exploring Office 365 these last few months.

So far I like OneNote the best and I just discovered that there is a very nice LTI integration with this in the Canvas Apps Tab. Depending on how you want to use this with your students, this might work nicely for you. They even made a pretty nice video to help teachers set it up. See: OfficeMix : Using OneNote Class Notebook with Canvas


The built-in Canvas pages do not allow multiple users to edit them at the same time so I would steer away from those if that is your intent.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if this helps answer your question.

Thank you Chris, I'll be able able to explain my students that they can't edit one page at the same time...

I  do love google too ! But  I can't ask my students to have a gmail adress as the scool should give them an office 365 one.

This will allow me to use the one note solution but the canvas collaboration tool on group page was much better for what I need (and the integration is cleanest too...).

Plus I think that with the one note classbook the collaboration tab is for the whole class and can't be for one group only.

What I will maybe do is asking them to create a free pad (same as etherpad but this is a french one and you don't need to install something on your computer, here : ) and give the link of this pad on one page of the main group could also be a padlet or any free collaboration tool that just gives an URL.

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Sounds like a good plan  @dufay_k ​ let us know how this progresses as you move forward.