Using videos saved from Instagram Story in Instructor discussion posts not working

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For some of my discussion posts, I make instagram stories and save the entire story as a video, then upload it to canvas discussions for a fun little video on specific topics. However, I have found that even though it is playable and viewable for me on computer and phone, other people sometimes only view a black screen, or it says the video type is not supported. I am basically uploading videos from my phone to canvas, and really just using instagram to make the short videos. Does anyone have any idea why the screen may be black or unviewable for other people? It works for me in student view as well. 

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It is possible that the Instagram videos are being saved in a format that your phone can play but that may not be playable by people on other computers or devices who do not have the same software.  Do you know what video file format the files are being saved in?

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Please check if the file you downloaded is in the correct format
maybe you encounter format not playing video on many platforms you can try instazoomhd if your video still not working

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