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Validation of Links

Can anyone tell me how/why even after I have "validated" broken links, reloaded those files into the course files, uploaded them again to the Module where I wanted them, checked to see that all are published, and re-validated them, they still show up as "Restricted" when a student tries to open the file?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @Jean1 ...

To be sure, within your course "Files", do you have things set the way you want (including any file restrictions you may/may not have set)?

Please review these Guides, and hopefully that will help in troubleshooting this.  Keep us posted...thanks!

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I do  not have any restrictions other than I don't Publish the page in advance of the time I want students to see it. I was an Early Adopter of Canvas last year (2020) and prepared and delivered my English course totally online. This year, I am back to face to face, using Canvas for the supplementary content, activities, and assignment uploads. Thank you for the support.