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I have a teacher using New Quizzes to create a multiple choice quiz where the number of points given for each question varies by the question response, as described here:

This is a survey-type quiz and the answers look like this:

Always = 4 points

Usually = 3 points

Sometimes = 2 points

Never = 1 point

Instead of adding up all of the possible points as I expected, it seems as if when testing this, I got credit for all the 4-point questions, but deductions for the rest that I didn't answer with a "4" as the response. For example, the quiz has 21 questions. I answered the first 10 with a "4," the second 10 with a "3," and the last one with a "2." I wanted that to add up to 72 points. Instead, my results said I got a 40 out of 84 points and a score of 47.62%.

Is this the way this is supposed to work? 

We wanted the kids to get a range where they could see how their answers put them on a scale, for example:

46-60 points = Great
31-45 points = Not as Great

Thank you for any insight!

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