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Is there a setting I am not seeing that can be set so students have to watch the entire video and answer all quiz questions before proceeding?  I noticed they can skip ahead to the end of the video after answering the last question and it allows them to submit or is it just best practice to add a final question at the very end of the video if you want them to watch the whole video?

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Hello @LBennett754 

Are you talking about Studio Quizzes? The video player will display where the student is at within the video. Similar to other video players, yes the students can move the cursor around and jump to other parts in the video. However, if you embed questions you can hide where the markers are for questions. You can make the quiz graded so the students can jump to the end, but if they don't answer these questions they fail the assignment. If  you aren't already, you may want to consider making these quizzes worth points with hidden embedded questions throughout. You can also use the video analytics to see how much of the quiz students are watching. It will keep track of everything that they've viewed down to the second.

Here is the Canvas guide:

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