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Video quiz or annotation in a course studio library rather then personal library

It would be really useful for all teaching team to have access to edit annotations and quizzes for studio content, rather then just the original creator - as far as I can tell these features are only available in the personal library, not the course library.

Is there a way I've overlooked? Is this being developed?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @Denham ...

This should already be possible with videos in your Studio library.  This is done via sharing the video with your colleagues...assuming they have also used Studio.

When you select other people to share your videos with, you can choose if they can only view the videos or also edit the videos.  It sounds like you'd want to select the edit option.

Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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Unfortunately, that page specifically says "Any quizzes added to a video are not included when the video is shared." so no that isn't a solution.

Nothing I've found thus far from testing or on the support info includes an option that shares a video WITH a quiz or annotation.

@Denham ...

Great catch!  I apologize that I missed that in the Guide.  My bad.  🙃