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View survey responses from concluded students

We run a number of self-paced courses whereby students are manually concluded at different times. The course teacher would like to review the data collected in the course evaluation survey, but because all of the students who have completed it are now concluded, she is unable to access the survey responses & analytics.

Is there a way to access the survey responses and .csv report for a survey that was completed by students who are now concluded?

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Community Participant

Hi Durango,

Yes, I am aware of these points.

The problem is that students who responded to the survey have now been concluded, and so the survey isn't registering their responses. This means that the teacher can't collate all the survey data, as it either show nothing or only the responses of students who are still 'active' in the course.

Apart from unconcluding the students, is there a way to see their responses to the survey?