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Entered and published a new module.   

Unable to view.   I restarted my computer. And module added is not viewable.


Is it probably a technical problem with canvas? or what?


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Hi  @haati .  It is good to hear that you restarted the computer as this will normally clear the browser cache which sometimes shows older pages.  Have you tried in another browser completely, such as Firefox in addition to Chrome?  I find that every once in a while one browser works better than another for some reason.  Also, I see in the image you provided you are on the home page and this is set to show recent activity instead of modules.  You checked the modules tab itself as well, correct?  If nothing seems to work you could try contacting Canvas Support (see How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?) as they may be able to see something in your shell those in the Community cannot.

All the best!

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