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I am marking a poster assignment on Speedgrader. The view size of each poster exceeds the dimension of the window which means I have to scroll left/right, up/down to see all the content. The zoom tool does not reduce it (appears inactive); it can only increase the view size of the poster. Is there a way to reduce the view size so that I can see the whole poster without the need to scroll. It will reduce a lot the time it takes to mark each assignment.  

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Hello @D_T 

it sounds like it might either be a problem with the dimensions of the file that the student submitted, or possibly a browser setting. 

Without being able to take a look at your examples I would not be able to accurately say what is actually causing this. Did all of the students upload a file with Large dimensions? 

Have you checked your browsers Zoom settings to see if it Zoomed in when you check the submission speedgrader? You might also be able to play with the Zoom settings in your browser to try and view the file in the Doc Viewer easier. 

If needed, you can also try and download the poster and view it outside of canvas. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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