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Viewing the Analytics of an Instructor Account

I'm trying to figure out if there's away to view the same analytics report that an instructor can see about his or her students, but for the instructor. It would be nice to see an analogous dashboard tracking activity (views/action), communication (announcements, discussion posts/comments, messages), and maybe something related to feedback/grading (evidence that they are providing comments, as well as a grade, etc.) or a grade distribution, at a minimum.

Does anything like this exist? I can't believe we are the only place that would want to be able to get this kind of report (or that instructor wouldn't want one for themselves)



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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @b_rochefort , the only way I know of to get this information is through Instructor Insight by Alliance Partner - AspirEDU​. They've got a pretty slick interface with all the type of information you're asking about and it integrates directly into Canvas.

Side note, with Canvas Data now available - Big Data​ - it's also possible that if you have an awesome programmer with some time on their hands you might be able to get this information.

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Hi,  @b_rochefort ​.  As  @kona ​ mentioned, Alliance Partner - AspirEDU​ has an analytics solution called Instructor Insight.  We use data from Canvas to provide many of the things you mentioned in your post.  You can find a 2-minute video of Instructor Insight on our web site or you can contact me at for more information.  I'm including a couple of snippets of screens below:



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There are some similar discussions going on that might shed more information.

Those discussions are not going to give you a slick, dashboard-type interface like Instructor Insight will. However, they may provide some justification as to why you would want to look at a third-party solution instead of rolling your own.

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thanks All!