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We are going to switch to the new UI on friday. How screwed are we?

Got your attention?  Anyways last year was our first year out of pilot and we kept moodle up in parallel to help people transition.  This will be the first year that we will only be providing Canvas as the lms.  So we have about 25% of the people that switched over last year and we expect the rest to come over in the next couple weeks now that summer session has ended.  So our options to switch are 'now', 'after newyears', or hope that the force switch does not bit us in spring.  Our spring term runs into June.

All the documentation seems to have switch over to the new UI so people looking at the docs will have interesting results.

So for those reasons we are moving now and the questions stands.  What is going to bit us?

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Having been tasked with planning my campus' transition to the new UI, your transition info link is SUPER helpful and appreciated! Thank you  @tom_gibbons ​!

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 @cheryl_colan ​ - We had a similar page as Tom's.  It is available at Salisbury University - MyClasses Canvas - New User Interface if that helps you.

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Thanks  @tom_gibbons ​ for sharing your transition webpage, very helpful!

Things are going well. Nice to hear from you, just down the street!

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mdthomas​ -- thanks for sharing your new UI transition page! It's really helpful to see different examples.

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Have you found any work-arounds for the cut-off links? Seems like a fairly major issue to me.

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You're welcome and thank you,  @anthonem ​, for the tip on the feature idea to fix the Help-less issue in the new UI!

Thank you again,


P.S. Other terms our faculty have used for the "burger" icon: cake, accordion, garden burger.

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It's a pretty uncommon thing. The only way I can get it to do this is if I set my resolution very low, or have a very small window (I'm imagining that Bridget was seeing it on 11" MacBook Airs, on which users had adjusted the native resolution). The only way around it would be to adjust screen res or browser zoom.

If you're using a mobile device with a browser, the problem is much more common. The best way around it is to rotate your screen, and then snap the zoom back to as much viewable area as possible. In portrait orientation, it's almost impossible to lose the bottom of the persistent nav.

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Thanks again everyone! In the spirit of sharing, here are the online resources we are sharing with faculty: Getting Started - Canvas Help Center - Seattle University

That is a nice site, Mark!  Have you considered linking to the Canvas Guides here in the current Canvas Community website vs. linking to the old site like you have now?  For example, I'm looking at your links for "What is the New Canvas User Interface?", "How do I use the Dashboard? (New Canvas UI)", etc.

 @tom_gibbons ​ and mdthomas​ THANK YOU so much for sharing links to the faculty resources you have created!

I just created a new discussion where we can hopefully get folks to share their advice and rollout strategies. Tom and Melissa, feel free to elaborate if you have any other advice or resources to share!

Rolling out the Canvas New UI - Shared Practices

 @anthonem ​ and  @cheryl_colan ​ how has your transition been thus far? I'd love to see you post any thoughts, ideas, suggestions about your experience as well, in that thread above! Let's work together to make this a nice, smooth transition!