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Webex video sharing with another class


I made a recording with Webex "Virtual Meetings". Using that because I need the closed caption functionality. How do I share that video recording with another class?

I don't see the recording I want in the "Recording Library".

Thoughts please???

Thank you!



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After your meeting ends, if you recorded it, you should receive an email that your recording is ready.  A short while later it should show up in your cisco webex tab of the course where you recorded it, under virtual meetings > recordings.  When you click the link you will be prompted to copy a password.  Then you can click a link to get to your video, which will prompt you to enter the password you copied.  When the page with the video opens, you will have an option to download a copy, which you can upload into your other course.

There is also a recordings library in cisco where the video should show up.  In both places there is a bit of a delay before you actually find the video where you expect to find it.