Weight all quizzes equally within a weighted category

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So, this is a new one for me.  I have several faculty who want an Assignment group for Quizzes that is weighted (they want to apply some rules).  Within that group that have about 45 quizzes.  The quizzes all have different # of questions, BUT they want them all to be weighted equally within the group.  SO, if a student is absent on a day that the quiz has 10 questions will not be penalized more than a student who misses a day when the quiz only has 2 questions.

Does that make sense?  Does anyone have a suggestion?



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 @heidi1 ​, the only way to equally weight quizzes within a weighted Assignment group is to make all of the quizzes worth the same number of points. The number of points doesn't really matter, but it has to be the same.

Ex: All quizzes are worth 10 points and then divide by the number of questions to get how many points each question needs to be worth. If a quiz has 10 questions then each question is worth 1 point (10 points/10 questions). If a quiz has 2 questions, then each question is worth 5 points (10 points/ 2 questions). If a quiz has 7 questions, then each question is worth (approximately) 1.42857 (10 points/ 7 questions).

Could this get ugly? Yes, it probably will (example with the 7 question quiz above), and there will probably be some issues with rounding. Yet, if there are a different numbers of questions for each quiz this is the only solution that will keep all quizzes worth the same weight within the Assignment group.

Hope this helps!

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