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Weighting Assignments with Assignments Containing Points and Complete/Incomplete


I have multiple courses with assignments that have a mixture of point and complete/incomplete grades.

I want to set-up assignment group weights as exams are weighted not point-based per our department's policy.  The weights in our Canvas version are all or nothing.  All assignment groups must be weighted or none are.

My questions

  • Do complete/incomplete assignments impact the weighting?
  • If I weight exams, it will not use points correct?
    • Example: all exams must be 50 questions (currently sitting as 50 points in Canvas until I fix it) but the weighting is 20%
  • Do I simply make unique assignment groups for similar assignments that have different points/percentages? 
    • Example: 1 a AND b assignments are 1% where as #2 assignment is 1%
    • I don't want to do this as it separates a unit of activities which appears confusing to students

I hope I am clearly communicating my questions. Thanks for any help!


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