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What Can I Do With My Downloaded ePortfolio?

I have recently used the "Download the contents of this ePortfolio as a zip file" feature and successfully retrieved the separated files that make up my ePortfolio. I am wondering what other users have done with all of these pieces?

My goal is for students and/or teachers who leave our School to be able to present their accomplishments chronicled in their ePortfolio without relying on a Canvas account or link.

Do any king's horses or king's men know how to put the ePortfolio back together again? Or is taking screenshots and presenting a slideshow the only option?

Many thanks for your suggestions,


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Community Team
Community Team

Great Discussion  @amurray ​

I'm excited to see what others share.  I have shared this discussion with the Instructional Designers​ group.  I did unmark this discussion as a question because it will not really have one correct answer and I think you will continue to get great examples and use cases here!

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What about using Google apps to showcase the work since it is free and it will stick around. This website is quite useful. It talks about how to set up three kinds of portfolio - for storage, workspace or showcase and using other party apps such as Picassa and Blogger.

ePortfolio Levels (K-12 Schools) - ePortfolios with GoogleApps

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for the suggestion. Would using Google apps involve copying and pasting, plus re-linking, all of my Canvas ePortfolio content over to Google? Or do you know of any type of import method? Fingers crossed Smiley Happy


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To be honest, Andrew, I don't know. I haven't tried it yet. Let's hope uploading is possible. If it isn't easy for us to help students transfer their content to a free platform when they graduate it would be quite a disincentive for building an e-portfolio in the first place. Good luck!

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Hi  @amurray ​ -

tl;dr: other than hosting the folder-o'-files on a web server, I don't know of an out-of-the-box way to use the downloaded ePortfolio.

Google Sites is, near as I can tell, geared toward native GUI page-building, and doesn't accommodate importing already-built html files and resources (with their already-built links/references). WordPress seems similar. I experimented with uploading the entire folder to Google Drive, but Drive insists on displaying the html files in a Notepad-ey way, rather than rendering them.

The basic use case is that you'd upload the whole package onto your server, in which case the folder full of html files, and associated resources, pops into existence neatly on the new website. This presupposes, of course, that you have access to a server. 😕 It looks like you'd also have to write some new css, since the Canvas stylesheets don't come along for the ride (the difference between the two screenshots below: left side is hosted in Canvas, right side is the same page, plain html from the download, opened with Chrome):


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I have downloaded my Canvas ePortfolio and imported into another ePortfolio system that I have access to, but it stays in a zipped format and all I can do is download it.  However, I could extract the zip files in Windows for example, and then copy and paste the html pages.  This works. I have tried copying and pasting into Tumblr and that works and my links are retained.  I have also tried in  It is nothing sophisticated I'm afraid but at least I don't lose content.

 @c_t_coltman ​, thanks for that info. Your response (and this whole thread, really) made me think about Jim Groom and the Reclaim Hosting and Domain of One's Own projects out of the University of Mary Washington. I don't know much personally about these projects, but they seem like intriguing prospects for hosting an ePortfolio.

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your response. I have a follow up question, and I'll warn you that I am not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to Wikispaces.

If I was to extract my zipped ePortfolio content, create a free wikispace page, I could then copy and paste the content from the HTML files into Wikispace pages and the links would begin working? Would I then need to add the images and additional files to the correct places as well?

Please let me know if I am way off.

Many thanks,


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I've just done another test this morning before responding.  When you copy and paste the content from your zipped ePortfolio content, all the external links will work fine.  It is just the internal links that you would need to re-link and in addition you would also need to upload any images and/or files.  Wikispaces puts an image placeholder where the missing images are so that makes it easier.

I have downloaded the ePortfolio, but have not tried to upload it to another product.  I can see how the solution above would be tedious, but yet it does not surprise me that the process to upload to another product is timely.  Maybe we should think about suggesting something to Canvas.  I would like to see a solution where students could easily have a presentable portfolio once their academic careers are over. 

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Hi, you could have your students create a free account and import their portfolio zip into that account...which is theirs to keep and manage indefinitely...