What are limitations of free draw annotate in speed grader?

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When I saw the free draw annotate feature in speed grader I was initially excited that I would be able to grade FRQs on the student's work just like on paper.  I have a Wacom Bamboo USB writing tablet, which I use to draw in microsoft paint.  When I tried to free draw in a file (both a pdf and a jpeg) all it did was act like a mouse, moving the paper around.  I could get a line if I depressed one of the buttons on the pen, but it looks like a 1 yr old's drawing and won't let me lift the pen.  Then I tried a stylus on an ipad - same issue.  Then I tried on a Windows 10 Dell in tablet mode, both with a stylus and my finger.  None of them worked.  I seem to be able to draw only with my finger on the mousepad.   

When it says "free draw annotate" does it really just means "draw a line from here to there"?  I am not sure what else it will let me do.  Is this just a limitation of Canvas?  (If so, please develop this.  It would be fantastic?  

Has anyone found a way to write on a page in speed grader?  I shouldn't have to download them to put into paint and reupload.