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Obviously there is major criticism of recent changes to the acceptable browsers that Canvas. Many people have different technologies and different technologies require different. After a couple days of complete frustration, let's give some details to my situation. When I log in to Canvas, I see the following:322637_Screenshot (39).png

I'm sure there's people who see the same thing. I have tried downloading other browsers including Chrome, Firefox, etc. Every time I complete a download, I see the following:322638_Screenshot (37).png

I have a Surface RT, so after asking the Microsoft Community, I was essentially told there's nothing I can do. I can't download any other browser with the Windows I have and I'm not allowed to download the latest Windows, which would allow me to download other browsers.

Millions of people still have IE and I'm sure many of those are students using Canvas. What are those students going to have do?

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I suppose that access with the mobile app is acceptable. It is certainly not ideal. This might be a good option for me until Explorer is an acceptable browser again. With that said, it would be extremely appreciated if we can make internet explorer work again. Thank you.

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