What are your most common questions about the New Gradebook?

Community Contributor

Hi Community! I'm putting together a conference session on the New Gradebook, and while I know what my faculty complain about, I'd like to gather input from a larger audience. While I've tried searching previous discussions, I've found that much of the information related to previous versions of the New Gradebook.

If you can answer any of the following questions, please do!

  • What are your most common questions and/or concerns about the New Gradebook?
  • What are some things you aren't sure how to do in the New Gradebook?
  • What has been the most confusing piece of the New Gradebook?
  • Are there any tasks you used to be able to do that it doesn't seem like you can anymore?
  • When you started using the New Gradebook, what was your most surprising discovery?

I appreciate any feedback you can give! I highly anticipate that my session will spend a fair amount of time on the difference between hide grades and posting policies, but I know there must be other pain points I'm missing! (Speaking of, if you can give me a solid use case for the hide grades feature that I can use to justify its existence, I would much appreciate it!)

And admins, if this is the wrong place for this, please move me!

All the best,
Danielle Casey