What happened to the Edit interface?

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This change took effect sometime 6/17. When I go to edit pages, I can now only see 2 lines of text, meaning (practically) that I must expand the available window every single time I want to edit anything! My WYSIWYG icons have been "helpfully" compressed so I need to hunt for some I used frequently. Is there any way to get my old interface back, or adjust these settings, or complain to anyone who can register my discontent? 😕  Sorry for the griping but it's already taking me 2x as long to get work done and it's only been a few hours. Thank you!!

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 @kmaxon1 ,

It sounds like you are seeing the New Rich Content Editor:


Are you using the Free for Teacher version of Canvas or the version available through your institution?


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Hi @CodyParker1926 

These guides should help you. 


I'm not sure why the old editor has been retired, but I'd guess it has to do with responsive design for mobile devices and accessibility. 

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