What happened to the mute bell?

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I am grading in Speed Grader.  Until now, there was a bell that allowed instructor to mute all grades and 

comments inserted into papers.  Does the 'eye' icon replace the bell and its functions?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning,  @gf3461  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  The New Gradebook was pushed out to everyone on January 18, 2020.  So, you are correct that the old bell icon has now changed to the eye icon based on grade post policies.  You can visit the New Gradebook Users Group for lots of information about the New Gradebook, or you can also check out https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-17587-new-gradebook-and-speedgrader-muting-behavior-changes which details the old and new icons in the Gradebook and SpeedGrader.  I hope this helps, Karin.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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