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What happens to Item Banks if an instructor's account is terminated?

I'm a graduate assistant who's been helping professors and TAs develop content for their courses, and now that we're working on moving to New Quizzes (and I have to help export them from sharing sites to individual courses as well), I'm going to have a lot of their content in my personal Item Banks. As much as I wish this weren't true and as many times as I've contributed to posts asking for course-tied Item Banks, I know this is the inevitable reality for now.

The problem is, I'm graduating next semester. I know I can share each Item Bank with an appropriate professor or TA, but I really want to know what would happen if I didn't do that in time. Would the questions default to the way they were before anyone put them into Item Banks, or would everyone else lose access?

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Community Coach

Great question.  I don't know the answer but can attest to similar struggles with the fact that Item banks are tied to individual people.  It makes it difficult to share exams as well if you want to give someone a true copy of a new quiz that they can edit, but it was built with item banks.

Again, this is not a real answer to the question but what happens probably depends most on how your school handles old user accounts.  At my school for instance we don't really ever delete users.  This may eventually change, but in order to maintain our data retention policy of 10 semesters after a course is taught, we need to keep the courses AND users in Canvas so that if we need to look up grades, etc it's easily accessible. We use Single Sign On so when students or faculty leave they may lose access to Canvas because their login account is gone or disabled, but the content still is there.  I'm sure you can imagine that if you come back to work at the school 3-5 years after graduating it would be nice if all of your past Canvas work was still available.

So anyway, great question and I don't know the Canvas answer but you might want to look into your school's answer for account retention to get some guidance on what's going to happen with your account which created and "owns" the item banks.