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What has happened to the redirect tool?

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I rely on the Redirect Tool a lot, especially for the purpose of making my Canvas Pages be part of the left-hand navigation inside Canvas itself.

Now the Redirect Tool is showing a new behavior that is making this very frustrating: if I click on a menu item that I created with the redirect tool, instead of it seamlessly going to the designated Page, it displays a Redirect button that the students must press.

This was not the behavior in the past.

Here is an example. In my Myth Course, there is a Page which has the students' blogs in a stream, and I have that Page in the menu using the Redirect Tool:

Daily Announcements: MLLL-3043 Myth-Folklore - Spring 2018 

This is extremely frustrating. Has something happened?

Can it be fixed?

Nobody wants to stare at a screen like this when they are trying to navigate through a course site. When students click on a button, they should be able to go to there. It's just a Page in my own Canvas course!

Blog Stream: MLLL-3043 Myth-Folklore - Spring 2018 

screenshot of redirect button

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Laura - what was the "bug fix"?  I am having the exact same problem.

Community Champion

 @sbailey ‌ I don't know the details: I mean they fixed something internally. I didn't have to do anything.

So, for example, in this course, there is no longer a delay if students click on a button which is a navigation redirect internal to the course like the "Daily News" button (which goes to a Page with an embedded blog) or the "Mindset" button (which is a redirect to a Padlet):

Daily Announcements: MLLL-4993 Indian Epics 996 - Spring 2018 

So it's working fine for me now! I double-checked to make sure my problem really was gone and had not come back again.

Is yours still not working properly...?

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Laura - Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, I could not wait on our IT/Canvas people to figure out the problem (over 400 students experiencing the link failure) and found that I just had to go in and rebuild all the re-directs and delete the old ones.

Community Champion

Argh! I hear you. For me it was just a weird and annoying frustration, but not a big deal; I rely on a wiki outside of Canvas for my class assignments, so luckily it was just a delay for students having an extra click. But I am glad they fixed it!

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One of the things that I'm grappling with for the redirect tool requires another window, however instead of just opening another window in canvas, it gives the following image: 


Is there any way to have it just open a new window or customize the text shown here?

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 @candrew ‌ that drives me crazy too! It's very strange because if you put a link to an external site in a Page, for example, the student can just click on that link and it opens in a new window without any obstacles they have to click through.

But if you use the Redirect Tool to add an external link to the class navigation that opens in a new window, it throws that extra barrier in the students' way. It's not a bug, it's a feature, ha ha.

But seriously, it's a bad feature IMO: if a teacher has gone to the trouble of adding an external link to the course navigation that opens in a new window, there is no reason why students should have to click through a redundant warning like that. Obviously they want to visit the URL because they CLICKED ON THE LINK ALREADY. Making them click again is just silly in my opinion. They don't get that warning for links they click on inside a page; I don't know why that warning shows up for external links in the navigation menu created by the Redirect Tool.

Although people with more Canvas expertise might know more about that...? I'm just glad I'm not seeing that warning for my own Canvas Pages, which is the problem I was having that they did fix. Thank goodness.

Community Contributor

We have used the redirect tool to provide a link in the left navigation pane called "Lab" to help direct students directly to their lab resources.  It's set up as a module with multiple pages in the module.  The redirect tool points to: "url=".  But when the "student" clicks on it, it takes me to the attached page which I then had to add a link to point to the module where the resource pages are set.  I tried to change the redirect to point to the Lab module, but it's not working.  This did use to work this way.  What am I doing wrong?  (This is in my Sandbox so I can play with it for the faculty I'm trying to help.)  Thanks!


Hi  @judy_harmon ‌! This looks like the kind of thing Canvas Support would be able to help you with; when I've used the redirect tool to link to Pages in my classes, I haven't had that kind of trouble. This page is a redirect, for example:

Blog Stream: INDIAN EPICS 995 — Spring 2019 

It has this configuration: I don't know if seeing that will help or not, but it is working for my course as before.

screenshot of app config

Community Contributor

Thanks Laura.  I'll put a ticket in - it just seems more reliable to ask the Community first as the ticketing process seems to take awhile.  Thanks for adding the image so I could at least see that the configuration for your redirect tool does at least match what we were trying to use.  Appreciate your help!

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So it does redirect, but it shows a blue redirect button for a few seconds even when I'm linking to my own Canvas pages. This is bizarre behavior. It makes us pause about transitioning from Moodle to Canvas when something so seemingly simplistic can't be remedied.