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What is happening to the edit display?

Something has changed today when editing an assignment or a page.

When in editing mode, the fonts appear as Arial or something similar and can look bold when they are not.

Also the spacing between lines is odd.


When you save and preview however, they appear in the usual Canvas font.



This doesn't help when you are trying to layout a page.

What is happening?


Debra Russell

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @debra_russell ...

You're not the only one who has noticed this.  I noticed this today when working on some course pages, and it was also affecting headers such as <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, etc.  There is definitely something different since this past weekend's Production Release.  I noticed that the lower case "g" in my pages even looked different when viewing a page compared to actually editing a page (ignore the colors here...but pay attention to the style).

Lower Case G

I did submit a ticket to Instructure on this today, and the case number is #03829255.  Please feel free to reference it if you want.  Thanks!!!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying.

I don't really understanding why editing should appear differently from the preview, particular with different fonts.

Even before today there was an annoying variation in the paragraph font when in editing mode.

Thanks for the ticket number.

Hopefully something will be done to fix this. I have just created a number of templates for page layout and now the spacing looks quite weird.



Hi  @debra_russell ...

I heard back from L2 tech support at Instructure today, and they said that the Helvetica Neue font style was being used inside of the RCE (when editing content) instead of the Latoweb font.  The technician sent the issue to Canvas engineers for them to look at.

Thanks Chris that's good to know.

I really can't understand why it would ever be a good idea to use two different fonts in these two environments. Maybe something I haven't considered.


New Member

We also opened a case on this (#03825784) when we noticed the issue over the weekend.  If you look at your web console you are likely going to see one or more CSS files that are not being loaded into the session with a similar error as below:

Access to CSS stylesheet at '' header is present on the requested resource.
Access to CSS stylesheet at '' header is present on the requested resource.
Last word is an engineer is looking into it.

Thanks Byron, I look forward to a resolution.



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Hi Deb, Same thing here, we were instructed to clear our cache and it fixed itself. Only thing that hasn't fixed is in the RTE links are showing as black. When the page is saved the link appears as it should (blue). Apparently this is a google chrome issue. But clear your cache and the other issues will resolve.



Thanks Tina, I cleared my cache and it went back to what it was before.

All good except Paragraph style uses a font other than the Latoweb font but it did this before.