What is the best way to organize content as an instructor?

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I understand Canvas's push for module organization for the student and I'm not opposed to it.  However I'm one month into school teaching 3 preps.  I am building my modules.  Everytime I go to add something to a module I find this:


Since I do bellringer "quizzes" 4 days a week, a Formative Assessment one day a week, and a Quiz on Friday, I'm essentially adding 6 "quizzes" each week to ONE class.  

IF I use Quizzes New, the actual assignments are also added...so I'm potentially adding 6-10 things per week to this course.  The list of items (in Assignments, Pages, Quizzes, you name it) is becoming huge to scroll through to find what I want to add as an instructor.

I've read numerous posts, blogs, and questions about folders in folders and it seems they all come back to suggesting using modules.  Am I missing something?  I'm trying to use modules and for the students its fine but even with naming devices this is a huge task and will only get more cumbersome as the semester rolls on.

Can anyone help me better understand how to organize my content?

Please don't tell me to make assignment groups, because I have to have the groups the same as my gradebook for our SIS sync.  I can't make an Ecology "Group" of assignments as that then doesn't sync into our gradebook as practice, lab or assessment.  Additionally, my Ecology unit is 5 weeks long, so even then its 50 pieces of content, minimum, not counting the "extra resources" I want to  post.

Here's an example of one of my Modules:


Thinking of having 18 of these is daunting...