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What level of access to CANVAS TO SEE COURSE ANALYTICS

I am a community college professor from pasadena City College.

 I am on a visiting accreditation team for another community college in California. My task is to evaluate a sampling of their previous semester's classes (in Canvas) and asses whether regular and effective communication has been going on.

On a previous accrediting team visit to another college a few years ago, I had a similar task. However, when I looked in Canvas at the sampling of their DE course, I could see a colored timeline (different colored flags maybe) when students emailed their professors and when the professors emailed back. I believe that this feature can only be found in the course analytics (I'm not sure where it was, but that's where I think this tool is located. 

My Questions are:

1. Is the ANALYTICS tool that I need to see the student-teacher email communication timeline?

2. If this is the correct tool to see this, what level of access do I need to ask the college to grant me so that I can see the ANALYTICS tool?


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