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What's the best way to have students keep a log of activities and hours?

My students need to keep track of activities and time spent doing them. For example, they have a "listening log" to record what they watched and for how long. The also have a type of activity log, keeping track of activities they did and how long they did them.

In addition, they would need to keep track of minimum and additional hours. For instance, they must do 3 hours of activities per week, but some may do extra hours.

What is the best way to keep track of this on Canvas? Can this be an assignment or does it need to be a collaboration? Any advice would be appreciated!

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HI  @molly ​ -

Since I imagine you want students to upload their log privately to you, I would recommend that it be an Assignment.  A Collaboration is more for a document that is shared with others, which (I am guessing) is not the case here.  (Besides, they need a Google account, as well...though most probably already have one.)

Now, as to the type of assignment, that's up to you.  You might want them to upload a file (document) each week or simply state what they did within Canvas' rich content editor.  Those would be an Online>>File Upload and Online>>Text Entry-type of online assignment, respectively.  Information on both is here:  How do I create an online assignment?

Hope this helps a bit.

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Community Coach

If you want it to be an ongoing log you could have them create a google doc (or spreadsheet) and then submit the URL to the assignment. The students could then add their hours/information/etc to this document and that way any time you accessed the assignment (and the link they submitted) you would see the most up-to-date information (so in real time).