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What's your Rubric UI wishlist?

I've been doing a lot of work with rubrics lately, and there are several things that would make life lots easier. Here's my list...what's yours?

  • First, I do have James Jones's great scripts for importing rubrics and for sorting the current course to the top of the "find a rubric" dialog box. These are lifesavers!
  • I really wish that dialog box would sort the same way - preferably with the current course at the top, then alphabetically - every time. Even if it were random order, if the order would stay the same, then when I'm trying to import multiple rubrics, I wouldn't have to hunt for the source course over and over.
  • I also wish that dialog box defaulted to just a bit bigger! Five scrollbars in one popup is hard to wrangle.
  • If it were just a skosh bigger, I could see the "Use this rubric" button without any scrolling:
  • I wish the "Use this rubric for grading" box were checked by default. I don't think I've ever attached a rubric and NOT used it for grading. But even more importantly, if I'm trying to re-use a rubric, here's what happens:
    • I search for the rubric and import it.
    • I am automatically taken to the view where the rubric appears - but I haven't had a chance to check the "use this for grading" box. (If I check it before importing, it unchecks.)
    • So I click "Edit," which is the only way to get the "Use for grading" box to appear, and I quite often get a warning that I'm not allowed to edit the rubric; I can only make a copy. 

None of these are dire faults of functionality - but they sure would make life a lot easier!


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I wish Canvas' rubrics were way better than they are!

I wish that there was a standard template we could download, fill out, then upload to create a rubric or a similar rubric.

I wish that we weren't stuck with only 1 layout.

I wish that there could be non-graded holistic 'feedback' rubrics.

I wish that rubrics displayed better on the screen.

I wish that when you use a rubric, students could find it more easily.