What to do when H5P content is not available

Community Novice


Hi Canvas Community,

The following might sound naive - but I'm a novice at some of this - so please excuse...

The list of H5P items available to me via the 'Canvas Custom Interface elements' module, where the required html coding for each type is located, is not exhaustive.

It doesn't have (as some examples):
Dialog cards (Flashcards)
Image Juxtaposition

I'd like to try using, for example: Dialog Cards

If I edit a page in a test module in Canvas and I select the icon for Interactive content (H5P), I'm presented with 2 options:

[My Content]:

Shared with me
All Content

As none is shared with me - then I can't re-use any of the All Content (so why put that there!)

Therefore I can't re-use anyone's content.

When I try to download via the H5P website: https://h5p.org/dialog-cards, I'm only given the 'Download as a .H5P file' (and not the 'Copy Content' option as listed in the small demo they provide).

When I try to download the H5P file, it presented me with a dialog box (see 1st attachment) asking me to select which program to open it in. I selected Notepad (because I thought it to be the best option for seeing any XML coding). However, when I opened it in Notepad - it was completely scrambled (see 2nd attachment). When I tried to download the H5P file again to see if I could try another program, it wouldn't allow me to change from Notepad to something else.

There must be a much easier way to do this!



Mary Stone (marybs@unimelb.edu.au)