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What to do when I see 'There was an unexpected error, please contact support.' at Canvas import stage?

Hi all,

I am trying to import a Blackboard course into Canvas and it keeps failing, with the only issue showing as 'There was an unexpected error, please contact support.'

However, there is no link to support, so I have no idea where to contact them.

I should add that I have tried importing using the correct file format in the drop-down menu and also used the select content function (NB - I got the same error regardless of whether I only selected a few items that I know work or I selected all the content).

I am also wondering if anyone else has had this frustrating problem?




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I'm running into a similar issue.  Did you ever get a resolution?

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Hi James,

Although it doesn't say it, it appeared to be a course file quota issue - when I increased the file quota in the course settings, it worked fine.

I should add that you will probably want to allow for about 50% more than the size of the zip file for it to work.

Good luck and hope that helps.

All the best,