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When I try to collaborate using google docs, I get a completely different screen .

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I am trying to create a document where I show a list of my students split into groups (so that can see what group they are in), then I want them to be able to type something next to their group name (the name of a professional the group will interview).  When I hit "collaborations" I get this screen.  When I hit the blue button on the upper left, the next screen shot is shown below.  I don't have google docs as an option...just word, excel or powerpoint.  Once I create this document, do all the students I added to collaborate with have the ability to write on this?  See the third screen shot...




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Hello  @lauren_trujillo ...

I'm not exactly sure if this will work or not, but can you please check something for me?  Go into your Canvas environment, and then click on "Account" >> "Settings".  Under "Web Services", you should see two sub-headings: "Registered Services" and "Other Services".  Do you see "Google Drive" listed under "Other Services"?  If so, I believe you may need to sign in to your Google account using that link.  Then, go back to your Collaborations and see if Google is available for you to select.  Here's a few Guides I found for you: 

How do I create a Google Drive collaboration as an instructor? 

How do I create a Google Docs collaboration as an instructor? 

I hope this information will be of help to you, Lauren.  Please let Community members know if you have any questions about this information...thanks!

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