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When creating a quiz from modules menu why is a classic quiz only made?

If I am building a module I can create assignments, pages, discussions, etc from the module itself.  Currently, when I select Quiz and (New Quiz), I only am able to create a Classic Quiz regardless of my preference settings.  In other words, our New Quizzes is active and I have selected "remember for this course" yet still only get a Classic Quiz.  Since I cannot migrate from the module tab, this creates much more work in the long run.  Currently, our teachers are coached to create module components from the module tab to allow them to build the work as they would in a F2F classroom plan.  Is this a fixable issue, or just one that will exist until Classic Quizzes is gone?

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At the moment it's just the way Canvas is coded.  If you wish to use new quizzes then build your quizzes in the Quiz menu then select them from assignments in the module builder.

Or create them as Assignments in the module builder and for submission type choose external tool > Quizzes 2.

Am I correct that choosing Quizzes 2 as an external tool from the module builder window is also broken? I am just trying to provide the best work flow possible understanding that New Quizzes full deployment is delayed, as I understand it.  Any suggestions on a flow that works better for your teachers?  Better to start with assignment as a place holder and then change to Quizzes 2 external tool or start in quizzes course tab and add to module later?


Hi Sam,

It isn't broken so much as it isn't meant to be used that way.  As for which is best I personally prefer building it in quizzes then transferring it across, but if your staff are used to solely building in modules then the creating an Assignment route may be best for your situation.


I know that the only way I can create new quizzes is to create them and then add them to the module but there is often a delay up to 24 hours from when I create the new quiz to when it will appear in the Module + menu.  I've contacted support and they say it is high server usage so I've been trying to create from the module directly.


I'm stuck.