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When moving students to a new section how can I migrate grades if sections have different assignments?

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We need to move students between sections at change of semester (in courses with quarter year grading periods)

I've tried this manually in the  'People/ Edit Sections'. When a student is added to a new section assignments from the original section remain visible, but when the student is removed from the original section, section specific assignment  are no longer visible. Will the same issue recurr with SIS upload?

Does anyone have a script to deal with this issue?

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Hi Brad,

I'm a front end user here, and can I ask what we would do in such scenarios as we do not have access to the API and other back-end tools. 

I called Canvas support for help regarding this (I had a student enrolled in section A, where he had two assignments assigned (A1, A2), then moved to Section B later on in semester, and he could no longer see his marks for A1 & A2).

The solution given me was that I will have to manually assign the student name back to A1 and A2 so that he can view his grades. This is doable but very inefficient, as I have other students in similar situations.

Any solutions - e.g. bulk export gradebook type tricks I can use?

Thank you so much,


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Adding a comment about assignments when moving students between sections.

Situation: an assignment is assigned to Section A (not Everyone) and students complete their assessment. Later, if the student is moved from Section A to any other Section the student and the Teacher are no longer able to see the student's submission/result for that assignment.

Solution: add the student individually to the assignment (that they completed already) and the student and teacher will be able to see the submission/result. 

It seems Canvas logic is that if a student is no longer assigned to a section then all assignments added to that section are no longer relevant to that student. This logic is applied even when an assessment has completed - which seems counterintuitive to me.