When using "Copy To...", instructor's other courses not automatically appearing.

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Generally, when instructors choose "Copy To...", the dialog window appears allowing that instructor to "Select a Course", and the accompanying drop-down menu lists the current-term courses for that instructor.

However, for one of our instructors (and only one that we know of) none of their current-term courses appear in the drop down menu. Instead, three courses appear, none of which the instructor is enrolled in (as a teacher or otherwise). If the instructor searches for the full name of one of his courses, the searched for course will eventually appear. However, this is not behavior we have seen in any other user account, and we cannot determine why it is happening for the instant user.

Is this behavior that anyone else has observed? Are there any additional settings which might explain this behavior?

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Hello there, @johnhouse ...

To be sure, is the instructor enrolled in those courses with the "Teacher" role, and if necessary, has the instructor clicked "Accept" to accept the course invite?  (Instructors may not see a course invite if they already have access to the course.)  Also, has the instructor tried clearing his browser history/cache?  Once the history/cache has been cleared, close down the browser, restart the browser, and then log in again to see if there are any changes using the "Copy To..." function.

Give those things a try first, and then let us know if that has helped to resolve the issue.  It may be that your instructor needs to reach out to the Canvas Help Desk staff so they can assist further...as we here in the Canvas Community do not have access to your school's Canvas environment or the course(s) in that environment.

How do I contact Canvas Support? - Canvas Community

Thanks...stay safe, be well.

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