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When will Canvas fix the issue with math equation rendering?

I work with the Canvas support team at Oklahoma State University. We have had an issue crop up recently, which was brought to our attention by some professors in the math department, related to the way Canvas renders equations. I am attaching three screenshots that were shared with us for reference. The issue seems to be that when an equation is rendered, a lot of somewhat garbled text shows up next to it. I believe this issue has been raised before, as per these Community posts:

I'm wondering when we can expect a fix for this or, if nothing else, I'd like to reassure our Math Department faculty that Canvas is aware of the problem and actively investigating a solution.

Thank you!



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We have a case on hold with Canvas Support - #06987500. Been experiencing this same issue since before Thanksgiving.

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Thanks for the information, @rsasso . This is one of those problems where we weren't sure if it was just us, or a more widespread issue. I hope Canvas can solve this soon!

Community Team
Community Team

@sringsmuth @rsasso  This may have been resolved through this RCE fix:  LaTex equations with angle brackets don't display ...   Can you confirm that you're no longer experiencing this behavior?