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Where is the interaction data that SCORM sends to the LMS?

Does anybody know where we can see how questions within a SCORM graded assignment have been answered?

Specifically we are looking for the interaction data that SCORM sends to the LMS. We are publishing our elearning modules as SCORM 1.2 3rd edition.

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Hi Sarah,

I too have this question.  It is clear, until someone at Instructure can tell us otherwise, that Canvas does not currently support any direct method of viewing students' item-by-item responses.  I use Storyline 360 to create content that is then imported as a SCORM file to my Canvas courses.  Storyline provides a wealth of information that can be viewed/analyzed if you run the SCORM file on an LMS that supports this output.  Articulate offers server space and support to do this for $$$, as does SCORM Cloud for more $$$.  I suspect there is a growing number of teachers and curriculum developers out there with the same question.

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Hi Sarah and Scott, 

I would love to find the answer to this question as well. Are you aware of any progress on this or have you found another method of viewing the interaction data?

Thank you,

John Willingham

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