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Whiteboard collaboration space like a group blog

This may be a bit pie-in-the-sky, but is there somewhere, somehow that students can collaborate in a space that acts like a whiteboard, so they can draw, write, make notes, etc. but also embed video, photographs/pictures, web links, etc.

I'm thinking of a cyber/electronic version of those glass boards in American TV cop shows - where everyone contributes to solving the murder by tacking up photographs, adding Post-It notes, scribbling messages, etc., but this version would allow media to be incorporated, too.

Maybe some sort of design collaboration tool, shared portfolio, creative ideas space... Perhaps pinterest is the closest thing, except students couldn't draw/write annotations, etc.


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One simple option is Padlet.​ Check it out. Also, you might just use the Redirect Tool to add this as a sitting board on your menu navigation.

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I should have said that this site is closest:

These are the websites that provide the whiteboard function:

Web Whiteboard

In fact, these are perfect, but expensive:

Conceptboard - Online Whiteboards for Agile Project Management

Plans and Pricing -

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Thanks  @BradMoser ​. I just tried padlet, but it wouldn't let me draw on it.

Could you please explain what you meant by " use the Redirect Tool to add this as a sitting board on your menu navigation"?

I'm not familiar with this tool.

 @drimmer ​, I'm sorry to see that no one ever answered your question about the Redirect Tool! The Redirect Tool is a free tool, available in the Edu Apps center, that allows you to add a custom navigation link to your Canvas course.  @BradMoser ​ was suggesting that, if you wanted to incorporate Padlet (or something else, like a custom page) into a course, you could use the Redirect Tool to create a custom link in the navigation for Padlet; you could name the link anything you want.

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Correct. Padlet is more similar to a digitsl cork board. You can pin and post photos, images even video clips. But not draw on it. I was sharing a thoight based on your last comment about usings Pinterest and thought you might want to check out Padlet.

There are several drawing collaborative boards but most have a fee to them. Check out

Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web


Ziteboard | Online Whiteboard with Realtime Collaboration


Online Whiteboard & Online Collaboration Tool | RealtimeBoard

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I'm curious if anyone else is thinking about this, 4 years later?  I have colleagues asking...  WIth Zoom being part of our every day practice, we have the collaborative white board there, but wondering if Canvas/Instructure is thinking about a version internally?stefaniesanders 

Could you link to a Google Jamboard? I know it doesn't do video, but you can draw, add pictures, and notes. Best part is it is free!