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Who's your video software provider?

We are looking for video software providers that integrate with Canvas, provide interactivity, analytics that will tell student viewing habits, and has a captioning feature of some sort. Who are you using, what are their strengths, what are their challenges, and what is your favorite thing about them?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @sbeck1 ...

Instructure has their own video product called "Arc" that you may have heard of.  There are a bunch of Guides here in the Community that you can look through (click on "Guides" >> "Arc" at the top of any page here in the Community website).  There are also two videos that have recently been published which are located here:



And, there is this Arc Users Group which you can participate in.  Just use the group link that I have provided, and then click on the "Follow" button at the upper right corner of the screen.  Also, near this button is another button for "Actions".  Click that button, and then click on "Join group".  (By the way, I'll share your question with this group in hopes that your question will get some additional exposure.)

The other product (not Instructure-owned) that I am aware of is called Kaltura.  I just saw a demo of it yesterday, and it seems very similar to Arc.  Kaltura also has a Canvas LTI integration which you can learn more about here: Edu App Center: Kaltura Video App.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I have converted your "Question" to a "Discussion".  A "Question" usually has one "correct" response, but a "Discussion" is more open-ended and may have several responses...and not one of them is necessarily "correct".  Hoping that it's okay with you that I did this.

I hope this information will be helpful to you, Shandy.

Community Participant

Hi  @sbeck1 ,

We are in the process of comparing Arc with our current lecture capture system, Panopto. Our plan is to have a more formal document in the next week or two, but I can give a brief comparison of the two now.

Some of the features that Panopto has but are missing in Arc are:

  • change the position, color, and size of closed captions
  • search on video audio
  • search on screen content (e.g. if a PowerPoint is recorded, you can search on text in the PPT)
  • note taking (individual and as a group channel)
  • bookmarking
  • more sharing options & more control over viewer/creator access
  • post-production video editing
  • analytics that show how many times students watched a video, heat maps of re-watched sections
  • quizzing (this is a beta feature in Arc currently)
  • works on iOS and Android devices (Arc documentation says "The Arc interface is optimized for desktop displays and is not officially supported on mobile browsers.")
  • videos are organized in course folders; instructors can add folders for better organization
  • integration with third-party captioning services
  • thumbnails can be chosen from any point in the video

Features of both Arc and Panopto:

  • variable playback speeds
  • multiple source recording (better with Panopto)
  • comments/discussion (Arc's show up as an overlay on the video and a thread underneath during playback)
  • ASR captioning and upload caption files
  • create publicly shareable links
  • quality playback options
  • students can submit videos either privately to their instructor or publicly to the whole class

Features that Arc has but missing in Panopto:

  • video tags

If there are features in Arc that I'm missing or have miscategorized, please let me know! We've been very satisfied with Panopto and the features it offers. We've had a few challenges along the way, like being able to rotate videos that are recorded upside down, copied course content in our LMS does not update permissions, and some issues with their mobile apps (I think they recently released an update but we haven't tested it yet). The Panopto team is very responsive in terms of support and for what gets put into their development timeline. We are in the process now of determining our faculty's use cases and when to recommend Arc and when to recommend Panopto, so I might be able to share more as we do further comparison.