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Why all of a sudden am I seeing so many classes in message drop down?

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Suddenly I'm seeing ALL of my courses in the message drop down under "Select Course" instead of just the ones I have starred and visible on my front page. It is a huge pain to  have to scroll through them all to get to the right one!! Can I change this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @heather_edwards ,

There was a Canvas Production update on Saturday that changed the behavior of the Conversations tool (Inbox) in Canvas: 


Autocomplete Courses Menu

The Conversations Courses Menu has been updated as an autocomplete menu. This change improves accessibility for all users. This menu change is also located within the Compose Message window.


Users can either scroll to locate a course or group, or they can start to type the name of the course or group in the text field and click the full name when it appears.



Ugh… it’s horrible. I have so many courses to scroll through and since my naming scheme is what it is… typing the names in isn’t any faster… I wonder why they did this?

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Hi Robbie:

I think the Auto Complete implementation  broke the side scroll bar and is making the whole process pretty funky. You cannot scroll down  the list of choices with the on-screen scroll bar. Clicking the side down arrow flips the dropdown list making it drop up. The only way to scroll down is to manually move your mouse down the list, use the scroll wheel on your mouse or use the down arrows  on your computer.  See here  . 


I am filing a helpdesk ticket now.



 @heather_edwards ,

I would recommend keeping an eye on this post: 

It looks like Instructure is considering a rollback of this change.


Thanks for your quick response! I hope they fix it...