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Why are grades I have entered disappeared?

I KNOW I entered a students grades last night and they have disappeared. This has happened several times this semester and the students rightly annoyed. Am I making a stupid mistake?? I don't think so--

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Hi  @hjf11060  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Are you entering the grades in SpeedGrader or in the Gradebook?

And if you are using the gradebook, is it the New Gradebook? How do I use the New Gradebook? 

Enter grades image

When entering grades, the New Gradebook displays crosshairs and highlighting across the row and column for improved orientation.

To enter grades, type the grade as supported by assignment type directly in the Gradebook cell [1].

You can also enter grades and change the submission status by clicking the Grade Detail Tray icon [2].

If you can include a screenshot of what you're seeing, we'll be able to give you more specific advice. For now, I'll say try the Grade Detail Tray and see if the grade sticks there.

Cheers - Shar

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Hi, thanks for your fast response. I'm entering them into the gradebook. It doesn't sound from the features you describe like it is the new one. I just created it at the beginning of the semester and kept using it. 
I enter the grades directly into the cells, and most of them stick, but a few disappear. As in, I enter grades for multiple assignments and multiple students, and just one grade or just one student's grade disappear. 
I've considered what might make it happen: make sure to click out of the square before closing page? Nope. Is there a "Save" button somewhere? Nope.
I did notice this: I had left the window open and went away to do other things. When I came back, the latest entries I had made were gone and the final grade had changed. Then I refreshed the window, and they came back, and the grade changed back. So. I do believe this is what could have happened before. Maybe I'm supposed to close my window every single time, but it does seem like a bit of a bug.

We've found that Chrome in particular likes to cache your gradebook view, so teachers end up seeing a previously cached view of their grades rather than the most current data. CTRL+F5 on Windows or CMD+SHIFT+R on a Mac will do a hard refresh of your browser page and typically resolves the issue. If you've never used it, your gradebook also has a history log that lists all entries and the time/date they were made.

For the old gradebook: How do I view the history of all grading changes in the Gradebook?

New Gradebook: How do I view the history of all grading changes in the New Gradebook?

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Yes, I was in Chrome. I think this is what happened to me. It's also great to learn about the history function. Thanks for your help!