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Why are the quizzes for students not showing an option to start the quiz?

Is anyone else having this issue? None of our quizzes have an option to for students to start the quiz! I have checked and unchecked every known box in settings at the account and course level, changed dates, etc. and nothing will allow the option to show. I have a couple of tickets in to support, but have not heard anything back yet. This seems to be in all of our courses account-wide. Classes start the day after tomorrow...!

I am going to blame it on the eclipse, at least until I hear back from support!

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Is this when using the Student View,  @myerdon01 .  I don't have an answer to your question, but I was involved in a conversation where this came up with unpublished courses before the Student View, just as an FYI:  Viewing a quiz in "student view" .  And yes, Canvas Support is probably the best answer. Smiley Sad

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The courses I have looked at are published, quiz is published, we set term date to start today (as of midnight), no dates on the quizzes (put dates on just to test them out), we unchecked the "Restrict students from viewing course before start date" and tried just about everything myself and another admin could think of. I have never had an issue with viewing a quiz in student view before. 

*(Pause while I check something that just occurred to me!)

Your reply gave me a thought, I checked a quiz in a term we call "Training" that has open term dates and the quiz is available in student view. So, it must be a term issue, but shouldn't instructors be able to view a quiz in student view at anytime, regardless of the term date? 


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I was having the same problem in student view. I fixed it by changing the start and end dates in the Course Details settings to a range that included today's date, then checked the "Users can only participate in the course between these dates" box. Since the text under this option says "This will override any term availability settings", I am guessing this is indeed an issue with our institutions' term availability dates. In my case, it isn't surprising, as I'm editing a Winter 2018 class, but since it sounds like yours is a Fall 2017 setting, I'd contact your system administrator. Hope this helps!

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I am the system administrator Smiley Happy and we have never had this issue in the past! Here is what support said, and it makes sense now:

Thank you for your response. In student view, if the term start date has not begun instructors will not be able to see the 'Take Quiz' button. However, if a start and end date is added in the Course details page with the "Users can only participate in the course between these dates" option selected, this will override the term dates allowing instructors in student view or students accessing the course to see the 'Take Quiz' button. Hope this helps!

I found that an 'End date' must be included in the Course details page in order for the "Take Quiz" button to be available in student view. The reason an end date is required is because if a quiz were to not have a time limit it would run forever as there is no end date that it would trigger it to auto submit. Hope this helps!

However, I did change end dates and tried different combinations of settings, but I may have missed putting an actual end date and checking the box. 

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Community Coach

Hi  @myerdon01 ‌ and  @jfoss ‌

While worded slightly different, your answer, Julie and the one Melinda got from Support are virtually the same and that is indeed the source of the problem.

Here is a link to a great resource that helps explain: 

I hope this helps, and I will mark this question as answered if you have no objections.