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Why can't Canvas just fix the Rubrics + External Tool glitch? It's gotten worse...

So we all know that the Canvas rubrics glitch when used with external tools like Flipgrip or It's common knowledge. There are numerous posts about it. So why doesn't this issue ever seem to get solved? With so many instructors pointing out how Canvas rubrics fail when using external links, you'd think someone would notice and attempt to fix it.

Well, I'm here with additional glitch information about rubrics and external links. If it wasn't bad enough already, it gets worse. When you import assignments with both a rubric and an external tool into a new class, the rubric "detaches" from the assignment. AND, the old hack of changing the external tool to an internal tool, then adding the rubric, then re-connecting with the external tool doesn't seem to working either. 

Thus it appears that if you created an assignment, linked to an external tool, and later on come back to adjust this miscalculation, you'll have to recreate the entire assignment. But let's get real; this is not going to happen if students have already submitted assignments. 

SO, what can we do to fix this ubiquitous, well established Canvas glitch? Why isn't the hack working anymore? What can I do to attach a rubric that was already created and imported to an assignment where students have already submitted work? Why doesn't Canvas import the assignment and all the accoutrements exactly the way it was from the previous class?

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