Why can't I get email notifications even though my email works? It just shows the red I in a circle

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I don't know how to fix this.

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Hi io218196 and welcome to the Canvas Community. I've seen this problem happen to a few users at my institution when they try to add an email address for notifications in their Canvas account. I'm not entirely sure what causes it, I think it might simply be that if one message sent by Canvas fails to reach your address for any reason, Canvas marks the email address as being invalid. It needs to be fixed by an engineer at Canvas support who will be able to unlock the account for you. When I've reported the problem for my users, the engineers usually say that they will fix it by resetting something they call the "bounce count" - I must admit I don't really know what that means! You can log a support call with Canvas support via the Help menu on the left where you should see a link labelled "Report a problem" or something similar, alternatively you could contact the local technical support people at your school/college and ask them to log a call for you.

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