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Why can't I hide grades before posting at least one grade?

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You should be able to hide all grades before posting one grade in the new gradebook. I preferred the way "Mute assignment" used to work. The new hiding is really not that great.

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I agree that this feature is frustrating.  I would like my students to be able to see their auto-graded multiple choice answers in the time between them submitting the assignment and when I grade the short-answer question portion of the assignment. Setting it to "manual" causes them to be unable to see ANY of their answers until I get around to grading the couple of short answer questions. This isn't ideal because I would like them to be able to study from at least the multiple choice auto-graded questions while they wait for feedback on the short-answer questions. The "mute" feature allowed for this - I would simply mute it while grading the short answer questions, and un-mute after, so there was only a few hours where they couldn't see their grades. 

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This is ridiculously counter-intuitive. The "hide grades" option in the menu should do what it says - hide grades. You have no idea how much trouble this has caused me this semester. 

My posting policy was set to manual but Canvas still wouldn't let me hide the grades until one was posted. 

I completely agree. I do not know why they made this change and it is a backward step in every way. It has also caused me far more problems this semester. Silly change

So after I am finished grading.  How do I post the grades manually?

I figured it out.

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Just adding my agreement -the old mute worked flawlessly, easily, consistently.  This new system is difficult and does not work nearly as well. I have the same issues with students not being able to see things immediately, that I want them to or I'm poking around trying to "hide" things when I am grading and half the time they aren't hiding.   

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Agreement all around. I am officially confused now more than ever when it comes to initially grading students assignments. I usually do a preliminary round where I grade everyone and take notes along the way so I can go back and make changes but I've received so many emails from students who see their grades and my comments that I've given up on canvas. FIX THIS!!!

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Grading assignments in Canvas is nothing but a major headache. I want to start correcting assignments as soon as they are handed in - this is often before the deadline (obviously) - but what happens when they can see my corrections is that they start uploading corrected versions before I am finished! And I have to start all over again because they won't be able to see corrections to older versions of their assignments (and they will no longer be accurate).

So then I put the grading policy to manual for the assignment - but now the students can't get their grades or corrections unless I publish them again for all. This means they can't start revising their assignment before I am done with all, why is this such a hassle?

All I ask is for a function that simulate the real world, a students hands me an assignment - I sit alone and correct it, I hand it back to the student when I am finished.

On the SpeedGrader page for an assignment, just have a "Publish" button - it gets published to/for that student. Have everything hidden until then. That is all.

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There is a feature called "Assignment Allowed Attempts." If your Canvas Administrator has allowed it, you can go into your Course Settings > Features and turn it on.


Then, when you edit an assignment, you can specify how many attempts you would like to give the students.


Setting it to 1 would keep students from submitting the assignment more than once.

Some faculty encourage students to turn it in early and say if you do, I'll provide feedback and let you correct it. Others want students to have it right the first time and only get one attempt. Some are in the middle (like me) and I tell the student that I'm only grading this once, it's not a turn-it-in-until-it's-acceptable assignment (I have those as well -- they're graded as complete/incomplete) -- however, I realize that sometimes students turn in the wrong assignment or turn in something blatantly not even close to what I asked for, so I do allow multiple submissions. Because I let them know what kind of assignment it is, the issue is not normally abused.