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Why can't I hide grades before posting at least one grade?

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You should be able to hide all grades before posting one grade in the new gradebook. I preferred the way "Mute assignment" used to work. The new hiding is really not that great.

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I did consider this option, but I have some concerns. If I only allow one attempt, how can they hand in the corrected/revised version? Can I manually allow new attempts on a per student basis? I know I can do that with a quiz but can't find that option here.

Even then it would be preferable for the students to be able to change their submission as long as it's within the deadline (just not, ideally, if I've started correcting it!). Maybe our grading style is atypical, as we allow multiple revisions for every student until they get a pass. We want them to learn not just check what they know.

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I had never noticed the assignment attempts feature - thanks for pointing it out. It does raise a question though. At least at our institution, as long as the assignment is within the "open window," students can submit and resubmit their assignment. I know that students only can view their last submission within Canvas, but through a dropdown, instructors can see each submission and compare if they'd like.

What is the difference in purpose and function between the feature button and resubmitting throughout the assignment's open window?

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Can I add my echo to the calls to turn this back to "Mute assignment"? It was MUCH better. 

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We have just adopted Canvas at our institution and have run into the same issue. We can recommend our faculty use Manual posting, but I anticipate on-going issues with this Hide option because it appears to work differently than it actually does.

Once you have hidden one student's feedback, then the icon appears to indicate that the feedback is hidden for all students. It is not. Also, if you add any additional feedback for the original student, it automatically unhides all of their existing feedback even though it still says "Hidden." This is a problem.

Also, what about notifications? For example, say a student has set their notifications to "Notify me right away" when they receive feedback. If the instructor can't hide the feedback until after they have entered it, then will the student receive an email with this assessment feedback?

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Adding my voice to the chorus: "mute" and "unmute" were simple, clear, and intuitive. Now I have no idea what my students are seeing, and even though I have the assignment set to "manual" and haven't posted the grades, I still get the non-crossed-out eyeball icon, which would indicate that the grades are visible!



This is super nerve-wracking. And even more so, given that time and energy went into this "improvement" of a working function, while we still can't duplicate quiz questions. There are still very fundamental functions flat-out missing from Canvas, but efforts are being prioritized towards re-making things that already exist and work reasonably well!