Why can't you at least warn us when content will be overwritten?

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I used the "Copy to..." feature on a Quiz twice, after editing the first copy of it, and it merged/mangled the first version instead of making a second (I was splitting an exam into two parts). I understand this is "expected" on your end, but it is not expected by users who otherwise found the interface very intuitive. I don't appreciate the notion that I should be expected to read all the documentation for the product if I don't want to be surprised in an irreversible way. It is not good design, particularly when there are safeguards that the development team could have taken. There should at least be a warning message with a chance for us to back out of the operation. Otherwise, just fix the problem (you can do it, because you already do if the quiz happens to be from the same course--I tried it, and it made a separate copy)!