Why change Guides links now?!?

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We have just realized tons of the links to Canvas Guides we have saved/used on pages are broken. This is causing us significant work at a time when we don't have the time.... It's also not consistent as to which have changed. We can't find anything in the Community on when this will be completed or why it's happening. 

We need to know when this process will be done so we can update all of our links...sigh...Or better yet, don't changes these URLS (at least not now!). 

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Instructure Alumni

 @awarmar , we experienced some issues yesterday with one of the providers we use to stage our documentation behind the scenes, and while we believe we have largely resolved them, we are collecting links at https://community.canvaslms.com/thread/47706-unauthorized-error-message-for-canvas-guides —so if you run into specific lessons that are returning error messages, please add them to that discussion so we can keep everything consolidated.


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