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Why did my enrollment disappear when I cross-listed my courses?

I have a layered class with 5 different sections of drama students combined into the same class period. In an effort to prepare for our new distance learning model, I cross-listed those sections into one combined course. However, in doing so I lost all of my students. The only student that showed as active was the one who happened to be in the course I cross-listed them all in to. My site's Canvas admin can see all of my students as still enrolled but I cannot. Where did they go? 

I should note, that in an effort to resolve the problem I invited them all back in to the course using their Login ID. Do I just have to wait for them to accept the invitation now? Attached is a copy of what I see when I look at the "People" link in my course. I have blacked out last names and course IDs for confidentiality.

Please advise.

Thank you! 

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Hi,  @sdeyoung1 . Since the admin can see all the students but you cannot, I am thinking you may be enrolled as an instructor in only a single section. You could try having the admin re-enroll you into the course outside of the sections or adding you to each section as the instructor.